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See how to save seeds from your favorite tomatoes to plant next year. John Dromgoole offers two techniques for extracting and drying and explains how to store the seeds until next winter.

Make your yard beautiful during the day and by night from dusk to dawn with landscape lighting. Adding spotlights or flood lights to your landscape can make all the difference. There are many different types and styles of fixtures to transform your yard. Entrance lights that illuminate walkways…

Master Gardener William Moss provides helpful tips for growing healthy organic tomatoes all season long. Highlights include when to water, how to stake and the benefits of using a rich, organic compost starter. William also provides organic gardening tips on how to handle garden pest control and suggests using Safer® Brand Tomato and Vegetable Insect Killer, RTU to keep infestations at bay. For more information on organic tomato growing, visit Tomato & Vegetable Insect Killer, RTU: Ringer® Compost Plus Organic Compost Starter:

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

See how Jeff Pavlat and Ray Clayton turned a treacherous slope into limestone terraces, patios and staircases. To plant them, Jeff wanted deer resistant plants that needed little water and care. Through the Austin Cactus & Succulent Society, he found a passion for succulents and cacti, including Southwestern natives and specimens from around the world. For design impact, he clusters groups of plants against central standouts in each bed, alternating strong textures with softer plants. Jeff designed an upper story patio to feature aloes and a millstone fountain in a Japanese-inspired setting. In a greenhouse, he tends less cold hardy specimens. They tamed a water-collecting slope at the front door with a pond.

Onions are an easy vegetable to grow. Phil Dudman the Garden Guru shows you how to plant and grow onions. This video describes growing onions from sets rather than seeds.

How to grow edible ginger at home. Growing ginger is easy. Phil Dudman, garden guru from down under shows you how to grow ginger. Phil’s grow mix This is the second of three parts of vertical gardens featured at Flora Grubb in San Fransico. Robin takes us though the ins and out of growing succuclents on a vertical wall.

In this short video: After ordering a taco truck burrito de carne asada and getting shorted on my radishes : ) I decided to go to my garden to get my own… What I discovered was 2, 16inch Easter Radish… The bulb was at least 4 in wide as well…Wow… Stay tuned for more updates and my future progress…. Tx

video filmed at HerbFest, the longest running herb plant sale and herb festival in the US, showing the No till gardening method using organic materials by Dr. Milton Ganyard, professor at North Carolina State University. Proceeds from the HerbFest benefit The Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment,, a children charitable foundation promotonig the development of self confidence and self esteem using the arts.

Organic Gardening requires that you not use pesticides. If you do not want to pick the insects off one by one, then you can use neem oil.

Read more about Neem oil at the National Pesticide Information Center.


Take your gardening to the next level, with anaDyna-Gro Pure Neem Oil Natural Insecticide Size: 8 Ounces

Neem oil leaf polish solution, 100% Natural, free of water and additives. Simple to use and biodegradable.

The exact role of every component of the oil is not very well known. Azadirachtin is the most active ingredient in Neem oil. It reduces insect feeding and is a repellent. Azadirachtin also interferes with insect hormone systems. This maks it harder for insects to grow and lay eggs. Azadirachtin also repels and reduces the feeding of nematodes. There are other components of neem oil that kill insects by keeping them from feeding.

I have been using this Neem oil for the past 2 years . It is effective in controlling aphids, spider mites and aids in the prevention of disease in my garden.I use it on flowers, fruits & vegetables. It is far better than the poison in the garden center.It is best mixed with a little dish soap or castile if you have it on hand.You wont regret this purchase.Make sure if you do purchase another brand,that it is 100% NEEM OIL.As I have found that the others are diluted with other oils that will cause the plants to burn in the summer sun. Review by   By Bri’Jae Butler.

Without tools like Neem oil and composting worms organic gardening really can be a lot of hard work. Gardening is still work. To ease your tiredness when you are already into it too deep, just think about what you are doing to help nature by gardening in a way that adds to the soil and kills the bad bugs in a way that does not poison you and you world.


The old way really is to be vigilant with your garden and take off every pest that you see. When it becomes too many and uncontrollable that you can no longer handle, you should only turn to the organic pesticides. You can also try to bring in the animals that feed on those pests. This way, you’ll have some help in picking those pests up. And that is also helping the other animals satisfy their hunger.

As an activity, this may be time wasting. If you can not devote enough time into it, might as well find a partner or drop the idea until you’ve found the right time to carry on with the tasks.