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At the USA Prepares Expo check out this quick little chicken pluckin’ trick. At home, when you only have a few birds to process, plucking the birds is such a pain in the arse. Eli Burton makes this nifty little tool that attaches to a power drill and makes the job easy! I got one and ready to take home., great prices, check them out.

Check out this super lightweight body armor. OMG, it feels quite amazing to be bulletproof…. Marjory Wildcraft models ‘Rynohide” a new nano tube technology, with Derek Williams at the USA Prepares Expo. And what a fantastic investment this armor would be if the SHTF.

Notice my cabbage seedlings were die horrible quick deaths before discovering outdoor Aquaponics systems do have pest issues, just not as bad as dirt gardens. They were climbing a near by tree and jumping onto the rafts. Temporarily I remove the individual rafts until I could trim the over hanging branches. The dive bombing caterpillars then have much more difficulty avoiding the water.

This video feature focuses on building raised garden beds from re-claimed pallet wood. We are very amateur film makers and are learning how to do this. Please feel free to share this video and subscribe for future updates. Look for us (Frugal Farmers) on Facebook. We are building a global network of people who have a desire to take control of their lives by living a more self suficient lifestyle. Join the growing movement today.

Forest gardener Martin Crawford, who recently appeared on BBC 2s Natural World programme A Farm for the Future, gives a taster of his DVD A Year in a Forest Garden, which will be out in April. Martin created a forest garden 15 years ago that is full of unusual edible plants trees, shrubs and ground cover plants which yield an abundant crop of food with minimum effort. His book Creating a Forest Garden: perennial crops for a changing climate comes out in Spring 2010.

A great way to be self sufficient is to make your own fertilizer for your garden. You can do this by using worms to compost down your scrapes. In this simple video I show how you can make a bin and harvest your castings for your garden. Have fun!

How to grow and rebloom Oncidium Sharry Baby. Orchid care Oncidium Sharry Baby Orchid grows in the heated greenhouse. For re potting help check out . Being in the Oncidium family this orchid blooms best with med to high light, ( much brighter than Phalaenopsis orchid and not quite a cattleya orchid) and intermediate temps. Very tempeture tolerant, winter lows could get to 53F with no harm. This orchid would summer well outdoors if grown the the house. Let dry slightly between waterings. Temp 53F Night- 82F day Light 2000-3500FC max! Brighter than a Phalaenopsis Re-water as approaches dryness Fertilize 150ppm monthly RH 70-90%

When Ch 9’s popular Gardening show Garden Gurus, wanted to feature a good quality Polycarbonate Greenhouse in their 2012 Spring season they spoke to the industry experts from Sproutwell Greenhouses. The Grange Series in the top-of-line when it comes to a strong residential Greenhouse (check out the video above). Why the Grange perform extremely well here in the Australian windy conditions? Because it has been made from ‘box-section’ aluminium profiles complete with 10mm Polycarbonate Panels. The other attracting feature of the Grange is the quick clip-lock system which cuts assembly time by up to 70%. Unlike traditional greenhouse construction where two or more people are needed to help erect the structure over a few days our Grange can be put together by one person and 80% of the frame can be built before inserting the panels. The Grange comes in 3m and 4m widths (most spacious on the Australian market). We are pleased to showcase this awesome product and feel free to visit our website or phone 1300 657 174

Pruning is a basic garden skill set. Tricia gives you the basics of what tools you need in your garden and when to use them. Learn the two main types of cuts and what they are used for as well as good sanitation practices. To buy pruning tools: Check out our other research based garden videos:

You are not going to believe the bargains I found this weekend!!!!