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Feeding Compost worms, Worm bin update

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Feeding the worms up a treat as we don’t think the Mangels will flower in our climate… Most impressed with their processing of the Horse manure they were g…

To start you need to get worms is to buy some from a supplier. After you get them growing you can raise your own.


BloomsnBuds 200 Red Wiggler Worms

200 Live worms for composting and gardening. They will double in number in 3 months and will keep your soil cultivated and full of nutrients.


We all throw away food that can be used to make nutrient rich fruit and veggies.Worm composting makes it easy to recycle kitchen scraps, paper waste and cardboard into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants. This will help you create a more sustainable lifestyle by recycling and improving soil quality. The Worm Factory 360 houses thousands of composting worms in a compact space. These worms work 24/7 to efficiently produce highly beneficial, rich compost packed with microbes and water-soluble plant nutrients.


Worm Factory DS3GT 3-Tray Worm Composter, Green

This does away with all the work of old school composting and turns out a much more valuable end product. Worm compost has been proven to have ten times the nutrients of old-fashioned garden compost. The more nutrients that are available to your plants, the larger they grow and the more bountiful your harvest is. This product makes it possible for you enjoy organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers grown with the aid of your kitchen waste.

Composting worms are cost-efficient for the reason that they can accelerate the regular composting process. Worms are able to eat any kind of organic waste and turn it into plentiful compost, which can then be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Composting worms will do well with a wealth of organic matter. Worms love fruit and veggie scraps from the kitchen . Other items suitable for a worm’s menu include crushed egg shells, tea leaves and coffee grounds and even a modest amount of grass clippings from an organic lawn.

A tub of composting worms is a recycling machine. If you feed them right, they will rapidly eat their way through all kinds of organic matter and turn it into rich, ready-to-use compost for your garden.

The worm bin can be a plastic storage box with a lid and small ventilation holes drilled in the sides and bottom.  A second box underneath collects drainage from the top bin.  Worms do not like light so the bin should be dark to protect the worms.  The larger the bin the less trouble you will have with temperature changes.

How to Compost